At the start of October I tweeted about an idea that had been floating about in the back of my mind. However, after a few days of thinking about it constantly, I realised that perhaps it wasn't as far fetched as I originally thought.

My idea was the introduction of a .fc domain name, for football clubs across the globe. We already have domains for various countries, further education facilities and organisations to name but a few. So why didn't we have a domain for the worlds most popular sport?

I decided to compile a list of all the professional football teams within the United Kingdom; Englands Premiership to League Two, Scotlands Premier League to third division and Wales and Ireland top flights. One hundred and fifty six football teams all in. I took down the details of each of the clubs — urls & contact email addresses — and compiled a list of how many teams had the words "football club" or "fc" in their domains. The results were as follows:

English Leagues

Scottish Leagues

Welsh Premier League

Irish Premier League

If we take the above data and find the mean, we get 66.2%. Nearly two thirds of all professional British football teams had the words "football club" or "fc" in their domain. These findings however did not account for some of the football teams, who used a different email address to that of their website address – eight football clubs fell under this category. So the percentage could be higher.

With this information in hand, I have decided to take on this challenge and petition for a .fc domain. Shortly, I will set about emailing every single football club within these divisions to find out if they would be willing to back the campaign.

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